China Links provides indispensible professional development results for those who engage with China in various capacities. For North American companies, success in China typically requires a human resources mix that includes local talent combined with key North American personnel.  Often personnel transplanted from North America, while possessing strong knowledge surrounding their company’s operations, have limited experience working in China.  China Links flattens the learning curve by preparing personnel and leaders from industry for the challenges they will confront in the Chinese operating environment.

Those with previous China experience also benefit greatly from China Links seminars.  Our role-playing simulations allow those with China experience to apply their skills and knowledge to innovative problem-solving tasks. China Links instructors also provide mentorship and coaching roles throughout our programs, further enhancing educational results.

China Links participants from industry gain the following:

  • A solid understanding of the key macro-level variables that influence strategic planning and behaviour
  • The ability to navigate more effectively within China’s complex regulatory environment
  • Stronger strategic capacities and tactfulness in negotiation settings
  • Strengthened cross-cultural communication skills and knowledge on dispute resolution approaches that apply to China
  • The ability to analyze events and information more effectively and an understanding of important due diligence methods

For companies, both multi-nationals and SMEs, looking to strengthen their foothold in China or looking to engage with China more effectively, China Links can provide a significant return on investment. Personnel that take our programs are better prepared to read shifting conditions, are able to execute more informed and tactful decisions, and understand the problem-solving approaches needed to deal with the complex situations they will inevitably confront. China Links also has group rates available for companies needing to register teams or multiple participants.

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